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Grilla - Primate Cover
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Grilla - Primate Cover

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Keep Your Primate Pristine Year-Round With Our Exclusive Grill Cover

After bringing a Primate home, you want to protect your investment and ensure years of happy gas grilling. Keep your grill looking its best by protecting it with a Primate grill cover while your equipment is waiting for its next use. Always make sure that your Primate has cooled down completely before covering it.

A grill cover is a must-have accessory. 

Features and Benefits of the Primate Grill Cover

This heavy-duty grill cover is just what the pitmaster ordered. You'll appreciate all the thoughtful planning that went into engineering this exclusive product from Grilla Grills.

All-Weather Design

The Primate grill cover can withstand harsh weather, including sleet, snow and rain. Most precipitation slides right off the 100% polyester, waterproof fabric. Wherever you live and grill, you can trust in your grill's ability to stand up to the local climate and run whenever you need it most. 

Neutral Color Palette

The Primate grill cover comes standard in black to blend in with any outside kitchen decor or landscaping. Featuring the Grilla Grills logo, the cover will showcase your love for all things Grilla and shield your Primate from unwanted climate conditions.

Fade Resistance

Over time, any fabric left out in the bright sunshine will eventually lose its bold colors. Our Primate grill cover resists sun-related fading. Its polyester material has a colorfastness level of four, which means the color remains almost entirely unchanged after 100 hours of exposure to the sun. A prolonged appearance extends the lifespan of this product. 


Enjoy covering your grill without enlisting guests' help or wrangling it on your own. We created the Primate so that it's simple to put over your grill. When it's time to cover your Primate until the next barbecue, you can toss the cover on, secure it and walk away.

Warranty Protection

We back our Primate grill cover with a one-year limited warranty. You can find out more about our warranty protection by speaking with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Easy-to-Clean Exterior

Your gas griddle cover may get messy. Many of our grill cover owners remove their covers, hose them down, let them air dry and then use them again. You can wash your cover under a regular laundry cycle if your washing machine can handle the fabric's size and weight.

Why Choose a Primate Griddle Cover From Grilla Grills?

At Grilla Grills, we recommend covering your grill for several reasons:

  • Security: Your cover will shield your grill from more than the weather. Your backyard may be home to various critters and birds, plus falling leaves and blowing debris. The cover keeps those items from dirtying or damaging your Primate.
  • Cleanliness: Spend less time cleaning your Primate's exterior. You'll want to keep your grill looking brand-new as long as possible. Without a cover, you'll have to clean the surface on an almost daily basis.
  • Aesthetic: Your cover lets your grill blend into the background. Although we believe our Primate is one of the most attractive grills on the planet, you may want it to take a backseat on your patio or deck. Cover it until you're ready for a big unveiling.

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Get the most out of your Primate this year when you purchase a Primate grill cover now.

Are you already the proud owner of a Primate and a Primate grill cover? Talk to us about your purchase. We use your feedback to help us improve products and design new ones. Many of our bestselling items came from ideas we received from Grilla Grills fans!

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